Tacos to start the morning!

Texan-style sausage & Egg Taco is a good way to start your morning.  With one of the most delicious, homemade Tacos, you can select.  Breakfast Taco has become a Texas breakfast appetizer. It’s the same soft, sweet Tortilla wrapped around  Scrambled Egg and fully cooked Maple Sausage

Breakfast Tacos

Adding into Taco with Salsa texture and flavor sauce, you can make the Taco more tasty and flavor-able.  It’s dependent on your own tastes, Salsa can be raw mild or fiery hot, cooked, chopped, chunky, blended smooth by adding the Jalapenos slices.

Price: $1.49/ea

Ingredients: per serving of Breakfast Tacos (egg, cheese, sausage)

Per serve included:
1oz—Fully cooked Maple Sausage,
1oz—Mexican 4 Cheese or Cheddar Cheese,
1ct—Fully cooked Scrambled Egg,
1ct—6.5" Low Carb Fajita Size Tortilla






Disclaimer: Our Taco size is an estimate per serve.  It may not the same as the “per serve” listed.  There is no guarantee that the quantity will be exact the same.

Breakfast Tacos