At Panther, You’d Have Fresh Food and be Healthy!

We commit to have a high quality of food service standard by ensuring that each individual maintains an optimum food service and follows guidelines of food service standards.  This will be tasked and coached daily.  We will take an appropriate action if an employee fails to compliance the standards.  The following procedures will be used to ensure the store having good food service standards:

           Food Quality

Food Safety is also very important to our store and the company image.  Therefore, we commit to follow food safety guidelines provided by Texas Department of State Health Services.  

We understand that convenience store

constantly shows more demands for fresh food and related products such as cold sandwiches, fruits, salads, bakery, taquitos, and burritos.  The strategies and solutions for customers’ demand are critical to be a successful business. The choice of new products as well as presentations of the products is essential for the growth of the business.  The central goal of the business strategy proposed to show an identity of our company.  Such identity will create customer loyalty and that will help gain competitive advantage. As a supporter of the community, we commit and ensure that our store will carry and sell the products that customers will enjoy and meet our guests’ demands. 

Delicious and healthy food is one of our major goals in the business.  We commit to hold our standards!

           Food Safety

We will look for opportunities to increase fresh and healthy food at our store.  It is our goal to ensure to be destinations for fresh and quality food products.  We will follow the State Health Services outlines to improve the quality of the food.

           Fresh & Healthy

A sandwich & Chip for lunch, the work will be done.