Customer Service Culture

What do we do?

Listen to customers and to ask them “how are they doing? and “How may we help them?”.

Learn about problems, and understand  the “needs and wants” when our customers come to the store.

Training our team to improve our customer service everyday.

Coach our sale associates to assist customers  to achieve a great customer service goal.

Invite feedback from customers and listen to their suggestions and ideas openly.

Ask customers what new products and services that they wish to have.

Listen to new ideas from sale persons,  marketers, and vendors, etc… and take appropriate action to improve customer  services.

The key of providing and continuing the good customer service standard is to create a great customer service culture.  In order to accomplish good customer service, our front-line employees shall get unconditioned support from the management.  Everyone must commit an attitude “to do whatever it take” to fulfill our obligation.  We believe a great customer service has to start from the inside of each of us, the employees and/or the managers who serve guests.   We offer and are willing to train employees to provide great customer service and a pleasant experience.

We commit a good image of customer service at our store